New site for the Assay Office

New Assay Offices website

This new website, with an eminently aesthetic approach, aims to be a milestone in the evolution and modernization process of Assay Offices, by reinforcing the guarantee of consumer safety and trust in the sector of Jewelry, by means of a certification hallmark.

We have sought an alliance between tradition and innovation, maintaining contents that should always be present while creating a website that promotes the digitization of operations and simplification of procedures, working as a platform that is a real meeting point with the Advisory Board of Jewellery, with the sector Associations and Economic Operators, which now will have their own dedicated areas.

Further to online registration, economic operators will be able to create a personal account containing all their interactions with the Assay Office, such as managing and accessing the state of their work, delivery deadlines, service management, payment of the service or the submission of complaints.

This new website will be an essential part in strengthening the Assay Offices? relations with consumers and economic operators, reinforcing the rights of the former, as well as market competition.

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