INCM has been drafting a Sustainability Report on an annual basis since 2008 as a way of listing and holding itself accountable to the company's principal stakeholders, informing them of its economic, social and environmental performance. Ever since the publication of the first document, this report has been produced in line with the evolving internationally accepted Global Reporting Initiative directives.

A major step was taken in 2011 to ensure the quality and reliability of the information provided, with the external and independent verification of the respective report in accordance with the AA1000AS standard (2008).

Another major objective was achieved with the drafting of the 2012 report: the integration of the Report & Accounts, the Corporate Governance Report and the Sustainability Report in a single document - the Management Report - made available here since then. Using this method, we hope to transmit to stakeholders all relevant, coordinated and non-duplicated information about the activities carried out by the company each year.