Electronic Certification System of the State of Mozambique will be developed by INCM

March 9, 2018

INCM and Instituto Nacional de Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (INTIC) (National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies) concluded today a contract aimed at creating and implementing the Electronic Certification System of the State (SCEE) (Sistema de Certificação Eletrónica do Estado) for this country, based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

This System will enable the increase of the security level in the electronic transactions between the Mozambican Public Administration, the private sector and the citizens, promoting the increase in the quality of the services provided and ensuring the security of the information.

The contract provides for, on the side of NCM, the definition of the architecture and of the organisational model of the SCEE, the identification and the training of the participants, relevant responsibilities and competences, as well as the drawing up of the technical and regulatory documentation, establishing certification policies in line with the international best practices.

INCM also undertakes to take care of the legal support that will allow for the drawing up of the legislation and regulation and for the support to SCEE and the use of digital signatures in Mozambique, as well as the creation of technical and functional conditions of reference, that enable the implementation of a pilot of certification and digital signature.

This project has the support of PASP (Programa da Acção Social Produtiva) (Programme of Productive Social Action), a programme managed by Camões, I. P., within the scope of the cooperation between the Portuguese-speaking African countries and East Timor and the European Union, aimed at modernising the Public Administration in these countries though the computerisation of their public services.

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