14th Conference GPSPA
14th Conference GPSPA

14th Conference of GPSPA gathers in Lisbon delegations from several countries

September 21, 2012

The 14th Conference of the Government Postage Stamp Printers’ Association (GPSPA), organized by INCM from 24th to 27 th September, gathers in Lisbon delegations from Germany, Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, Spain and Poland.

In addition to the delegations of GPSPA member countries, will also be attended by representatives of CTT, Postal Brazil and Portuguese Philatelic Federation, as well as representatives of supplier companies, which together will share experiences, present the most significant projects of the last two years and point to new opportunities and prospects for the industry postage stamps.

During the conference, beyond debate and sharing of experiences, will also be elected and awarded the best stamps produced in the categories of unique or innovation, gravure, intaglio, offset, combination and multiple issue, highlighting what has been best produced worldwide, both technical and artistic.


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