José Cândido
José Cândido

The passing of José Cândido impoverishes Portuguese art

January 9, 2012

José Cândido, an established plastic artist and the creator of various coins and medals produced by the INCM, passed away on the 7th of this month, putting an end to an energetic drive of creativity and impoverishing the panorama of Portuguese art.

José Cândido was a well known painter, sculptor and designer, an area in which he created notable works both as an artist and as a teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. He was even the creator of the INCM's old logo.

There are many works in the areas of numismatics and medal making that attest to the technical and creative capabilities of José Cândido. Particular emphasis should be placed on the Portuguese face of the coin commemorating the centenary of the Republic of Portugal, on the "Coin Against Indifference", and on the Portuguese face of the medal commemorating 200 years since the departure of the Royal Family to Brazil, among other works.

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