The new model of driving licence
The new model of driving licence

INCM produces the new model of driving licence

February 5, 2013

On the 3rd of January, INCM started producing the new model of the community driving licence, an even more secure document thanks to the addition of security components, the improvement in image personalisation by laser engraving and the new graphic design.

This new model marks the beginning of a level 1 security standardisation that applies to several official documents. It uses a multigram embedded in the substrate, which allows an immediate identification by differentiation between the green and the red areas of the Portuguese coat of arms, thus increasing the security level.

In order to prevent forgery and counterfeiting, new security components were included in the design, personalisation started being made by laser engraving with grey scale, and new invisible inks are now used, while optically variable ink keeps being used.

The new model of driving licence is a result of Directive 2011/94/EU, of November 28, aiming at harmonising driving licences within the European area. This new model added to the previous one categories AM (mopeds) and A2 (motorcycles), as well as the designation "Driving Licence" in Bulgarian and Romanian.

It is important to highlight the fact that the driving licence was the first national document of personal identification to be produced and personalised in polycarbonate, with centralised issue, a process the INCM began in July 1999.

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