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Portuguese Language Granta 5

Regarding the crime of lèse-majesté, that is, of treason to the king, the Manueline Ordinances (1521) say that it is the worst thing, and the most abominable crime that there can be in man, which the ancient knowledges so bothered, and found strange , who compared it to gaff (leprosy), because this disease fills the whole body without ever being able to cure [...]; the error of betrayal not only condemns what commits it, but it also hinders and infames all those of his lineage who descend, since they have no guilt. Five hundred years later, we still consider betrayal to be abhorrent, although not all betrayals, and certainly not betrayal by genealogical contamination. This issue of Granta investigates different betrayals, in different domains, for different reasons. Are these betrayals all the same, or are there betrayals less equal than others, understandable betrayals, even virtuous?

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