INCM has updated its strategic framework of reference to highlight the contribution of innovation and customer focus, as decisive factors for the consolidation of its competitive advantage and the internationalisation of its business. This is a way of adding value to its activity, unique in Portugal, as a provider of public services essential to the trust required for life in society.

With these references and goals in mind, INCM has defined the following strategic guidelines for the three year period 2017-2019, as a means of consolidating the guidelines followed over recent years:

  • Supply innovations, increasing the impact of security on citizens and companies.
  • Strengthening relationships with customers and strategic partners, by making improvements to the way we meet their needs.
  • Internationalisation of INCM's activities, by optimising the use of installed capacity.
  • Enhancement of the reputation and recognition of INCM brands, by supporting the business in its different areas of activity.
  • Enhancement of the impact and recognition of the INCM?s social work, by consolidating the sustainability agenda.
  • Enhancement of internal efficiency, by optimising the organisation and management, as well as production and logistics processes.
  • Employee development, by strengthening skills and promoting a culture of merit and responsibility.