It is impossible to speak of 2020 without mentioning the global pandemic, so impactful for the INCM and to all other sectors, representing a landmark in the 21st century on a worldwide scale. In our case, the response to the tension felt in the early days lies in our values as an organisation, and led us to protect our workers and their families while maintaining the production of essential goods for our society to function as a whole.

However, the pandemic has changed our perception of the world, divided what is essential from the accessory and, above all, accelerated the dynamics of innovation in companies and institutions, so that they would not become one more casualty of the Covid-19 Era. In fact, this dynamics of innovation and anticipation of the future had already been felt in this House, allowing us to respond effectively to new times. We have never thrown in the towel, but rather found solutions adjusted to the new reality, focusing on innovation and the future.

In this regard, we may celebrate the fact that we have one of the greatest awards in this country, IN3+, counting already two winning projects - the Secret Role, developed by researchers Elvira Fortunato and Rodrigo Martins, from FCT NOVA University, and the ATLAS - Autonomous Transport for Logistic Automatic System, developed in partnership with the UNINOVA Research Centre, also from FCT NOVA. At the beginning of 2021 we intend to announce the winners of the 3rd edition of this Prize, an example of what is best done in the sectors of technology and innovation.

Among these, new materials have recently emerged at INCM for the manufacture of various types of cards, from identification to bank cards, which are more environment-friendly. This aspect has marked the latest decade and INCM could not fail to be present.

The great novelties and the demonstration of INCM's ability to respond to the needs of the State and also of the private sector led us to have important international contracts in the most diverse areas today and to be addressed by companies from other countries to implement joint projects. As a result of this investment effort, we already have a footprint in 23 markets, which rely on the expertise of INCM in the area of security printing.

With regard to the Assay Offices, 2020 was a challenging year that brought changes in the processes that simplify the relationship with customers, such as the service for transporting parts or the customer service by appointment, as well as the creation of a supervision department, so that the consumer may be protected by the mark that makes the difference.

The promotion of the collection and numismatics market remains one of the focuses of INCM, with several events and personalities distinguished over the years and with unique coins on which we constantly try to present an innovative technique. Some of these coins have reached international prestige and recognition, as evidenced by the several awards won over the years, such as the collection coin alluding to the "Iron and Glass Age", distinguished in the Print/Product Design of the Graphis Silver category, or the "Baroque" dedicated coin considered the second best gold coin of 2018.

Portuguese language and culture remain at the centre of our work, where we try to bring new Portuguese-speaking titles and authors across borders. And in order to answer still another challenge of this new world, INCM has launched the "Books for Quarantine" with the aim of making available online editions that are part of our bibliographic catalogue in this pandemic context, thus fulfilling the public service mission of preserving and disseminating a common memory and heritage.

In fact, we wish recognition in Portugal and abroad for all that we produce and build for the sake of society to become one of the goals for the years to come.

The commitment and professionalism of all those who make up this House keep increasing every year. Overcoming adversity by innovative solutions with a Portuguese touch is what moves us.

The INCM, S. A. Board of Directors

January 2021