Legal Regime

The legal nature of INCM is a limited company with exclusively public capital, governed by the legal regime laid down in Decree-Law no. 235/2015, , of 14 October, by its Statutes, by the limited company regulations and by special regulations that apply due to the purpose of the company; it is also governed by the legal regime for the corporate public sector, approved by Decree-Law no. 133/2013, of 3 October, in coordination with the determinations and strategic policies defined by the Government and by Parpública ? Participações Públicas (SGPS), S. A., in exercising its function as shareholder.

It also pursues its mission by taking into account the general management guidelines established in the following legislation, which, in the context of the company?s activities, is decisive:

The shareholder also set out more specific guidelines aimed at the INCM's specific activity.