Innovation is one of the INCM's main strategic cornerstones, encompassing products, processes, business models and organisational methods in order to ensure the company's sustainability and competitiveness.

Innovation at INCM is based on a collaborative strategy (open innovation), as well as on the integration of research, development and innovation (R&D+i) in its corporate culture.

For this purpose, INCM forms part of a collaborative network of external partners - Innovation Network - comprising universities, technological and research centres, laboratories, start-ups, investors, suppliers and customers, among other entities in the sector considered strategic.

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It also has an internal structure that works closely with the company's different organic units and employees, organised into teams, workshops and discussion forums.

This dynamic has allowed INCM to develop a range of different R&D+i projects. INCM is currently running several projects related to increasing the security of documents, goods and people, as well as improving production processes:

Creation of a biometric fingerprint identification algorithm.
Partner: INESC-TEC

The development of a program that allows the numerical simulation of the coin minting process.
Partner:Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute)

The development of security and traceability instruments, and their respective reading and verification instruments, to be applied to seals for confirming authenticity.
Partner:University of Coimbra

This is aimed at improving the security of Assay Office marks by making them unique and impossible to copy. A further objective is to develop the respective authenticity verification instruments.
Partners:University of Coimbra and the Pedro Nunes Institute

Creation of a 3 dimensional face printing system for identification cards.
Partner:University of Coimbra

Aimed at improving the authenticity of security documents through the production of high security structured nano-markers for use in ink jet, laser and offset printing processes.
Partner:Faculty of Science and Technology at Lisbon's Nova University

Aimed at seeking an alternative to chromium IV that allows the strict dimensional tolerances in the minting process to be maintained, and that withstands the repeated mechanical demands to which these products are cyclically exposed.Involves a PVD coating viability study.
Partner: Minho University

Development of electronic systems using transparent electronic technology embedded in paper, with the aim of increasing the traceability and security of documents.The system will allow data to be received, stored and transmitted between different interfaces, using NFC technology.
Partner: Faculty of Science and Technology at Lisbon's Nova University

Aimed at developing techniques for minting coins from transparent thermoplastic materials.
Partner:Mechanical Engineering Institute of the Higher Technical Institute

Aimed at giving INCM the knowledge and resources necessary to analyse each coin's bacterial colonisation and survival potential, allowing new coin design criteria to be applied to minimise the adhesion of bacteria.
Partners:Faculty of Science and Technology at Lisbons Nova University;Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute);Faculty of Science at the University of Lisbon

Creation of an econometric model for evaluation and quantification of the economic impact of INCM's cultural and societal responsibility practices.
Partner: ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Creation of new research tools for the Electronic Official Journal, which allow an intelligent adaptation of the system to the user's profiles and the nature of the contents.
Partner: Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Research and Development in Lisbon (INESC.ID)


The INCM Innovation Prize aims to select and reward ideas that allow the creation of innovative solutions that could form part of the corporate purpose of the company:

At the award deliver ceremony of the INCM Innovation Prize 2017 (2nd edition) were distinguished the following projects:

  • 1st place - «INTMOB - Intralogistics Mobile Assistant Unit for Flexible Manufacturing Systems», presented by a team of researchers from CTS-UNINOVA, who proposed to build an autonomous robot using the Industry 4.0 concept to help INCM logistics.
  • 2nd place - «Manufacture of commemorative coins, using additive technologies», presented by a team of researchers from the Mechanical Department of Superior Technical Institute Lisbon, who proposed the using of additive technologies (also called 3D printing technologies) to produce discs with complex 3D details and geometries.
  • 3rd place - «Block car pollution - Enhance the use of collective and shared transport using blockchain», presented by researchers from University of Aveiro and Ubiwhere workers. This idea wants to offer to the public transport users an intelligent rewarding system using blockchain technologies with the aim to increase the public transportation users and consequently reduce pollution.

These three ideas were awarded up to 500.000¤, 250.000¤ and 100.000¤ respectively, which will allow the development of the respective projects. A total amount up to 850.000¤ will be delivered to the teams and a 2% of the award will be delivered to the applicant researchers.

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The Ideas Bank is an initiative aimed at giving all employees the opportunity to actively participate in INCM's success, thereby making a contribution to allowing the company to find innovative solutions to strengthen its knowledge, performance and competitiveness.

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