Corporate Risk Management is a management process aimed at identifying, analysing and mitigating any risks that could interfere with the organisation's operations and objectives. Focusing on prevention and asset protection, INCM takes on Corporate Risk Management as an integral part of management, for the purpose of promoting a culture that favours preventive measures to ensure that targets are met.

In this sense, the INCM has set up a Corporate Risk Management Framework to define elements that supply organisational fundamentals and provisions, to design, implement, monitor, review and continuously improve risk management at INCM. The intention is to promote a range of different actions aimed at boosting the practice of risk management and prevention. An example of this, according to the Recommendations of 7 April 2009, 6 July 2011 and 7 November 2012, of the Corruption Prevention Council, is the approval by the INCM's Board of Directors of an annual Plan for the Management of the Risks of Corruption and Related Infractions, as well as the respective Annual Implementation Report. These are published in compliance with State Companies' best governance practices and, in particular, with the legal obligations to disclose information to the public, aimed at ensuring the improvement and transparency of the company's governance.