One of the ways found to solve the problem of physical security and prevent counterfeiting is the use of holograms, a technique in which the INCM became highly skilled.

Holograma - Pormenor
Produto, selo de tabaco com Holograma

INCM has been creating and producing holograms since 1997. INCM is a permanent member of the International Hologram Manufacture Association (IHMA), an organization that records the patents of all holographic images around the world.

The diffractive optical elements, generically called "holograms", are of great use in secure documents products. Those elements present themselves in the form of self-adhesive labels or a film that is applied by hot stamping on a paper or plastic surface.

The use of holograms is in fact a response in the area of security to the fight against counterfeiting. Holographic images represent a guarantee of authenticity and are an important contribution to the promotion of products in which they are applied.

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