Purchasing Management Contacts:

Email: dcp@incm.pt; fax: 217 810 769

The INCM promotes public contracting on an electronic platform

After the Public Contracts Code (CPP in Portuguese), Decree-Law no. 18/2008 of 29 January, came into force on the 30th of July 2008, all purchases made by Public Entities such as Governement owned Companies, government controlled autonomous entities, Ministries and Institutes, among others, must be carried out electronically through Electronic Contracting Platforms.

To this end, the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office has adopted the Electronic Contracting Platform vortalGOV and has entered into an agreement with Vortal, the company that provides the service, so that their suppliers can subscribe to the system and prepare themselves for its usage.

The VortalGOV - Universal Access Platform - is free to use, access, search the available tender processes and to present bids.

Visit the website www.vortalgov.pt for more information.

Available manuals: