1. The card "Cliente INCM" (INCM Client) is granted to all legal and natural persons;
    2. The card is issued at the request of the Client, by filling the membership form;
    3. The request is validated by the INCM;
    4. The card can only be used on the following day of its validation;
    5. The card's number attribution is made automatically and immediately made available, by email or letter;
    6. The card is issued afterwards, being delivered at the Bookstore or mailed to the Client's address.
    7. When requesting the client card online, you are also automatically registered in our Online Shop and assigned access - login and password - to buy our products online.
    1. The card can be used for purchases of all INCM products, in the Bookstores, mail orders and in the Online Shop at INCM website, with the exceptions of: the publication of advertises, assay products and for coins exchanged at face value;
    2. The sales of products at a discount, or with deferred payment, not included in this scheme are not considered for the purpose of the "INCM Client card";
    3. The holder of the card will receive a gift-check of 18.75 euro for each volume of purchases of 375 euro, excluding VAT, accumulated within less than 1 year, and may use deferred payment plans under the conditions expressed in the following paragraphs.
    1. The gift-check correspond to 5% of the sale's total value, being awarded for each accumulated purchase amount of 375 euro;
    2. The gift-check is sent to the client's home address;
    3. Each gift-check is valid up to 6 months;
    4. If the purchaser of the products is an INCM "Client Card" holder, he may discount his gift-checks in the Online Shop;
    5. The gift-check cannot be discounted on the value of currency change at face value, or on postage costs;
    6. More than one gift-checks can be used in the same purchase, provided that the total amount of the purchase is higher

    In addition to discounts, and special payment conditions, the client card holders can also enjoy:

    1. Promotional campaigns specific to card holders;
    2. Being informed in a timely manner, especially by email, of the selling of new INCM products.

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