The INCM is committed to the achievement of its human resources in order to attract, develop and keep the best professionals.

Being one of the first public companies to gain certification for its Human Resources Management System to the NP 4427:2004 standard, the INCM is committed to the personal achievements of its employees, to their satisfaction and well-being. It respects the rights of people, it complies with regulations and it respects the values and ethical principles of society.

In this context, a set of good practices have been developed and promoted internally in the area of human resources. Investments are made in the following areas with the aim of increasing productivity, developing skills and motivating employees:

  • In training, in improving qualifications and in the development of employee skills, in accordance with the Annual Training Plan;
  • In good recruitment practices, governed by principles aimed at equality of rights and opportunities and at respect for difference;
  • In traineeship, curricular and partnership programs, specifically with the Institute of Employment and Professional Training;
  • In performance assessment;
  • In the use of internal occupational health, resources to reduce or eliminate health risks;
  • In health promotion, with an emphasis on the company's internal health sub-system;
  • In two canteens that are made available to employees and pensioners;
  • In social support initiatives for employees and their families;
  • In social initiatives;

In compliance with legal and social regulations.