Editions of 2018 were presented at the Imprensa Nacional Library
Editions of 2018 were presented at the Imprensa Nacional Library

Presentation of the 2018 publishing plan

February 1, 2018

The 2018 publishing plan was yesterday presented at the Official Printing Office Library, during an event where the Chairman of the Board of Directors of INCM, Gonçalo Caseiro, highlighted the company’s role as a “national preservation publishing house”.

The Official Printing Office is marking its 250th anniversary this year, and along with celebrations there are plans to publish a book on its history that will cover its two and a half centuries of activity since its creation, on 24 December 1768, with the name of Royal Press.

Another major publishing project will be the publication of the Complete Works of Mário Soares, with the first two volumes to be released this year. The members of the Publishing Committee, led by José Manuel dos Santos, will be announced shortly.

Another highlight is the José-Augusto França Library, a selection of works chosen by the author himself to be published in 16 volumes, in which his essays and fiction will be represented. The novel Natureza Morta will be published as part of this collection, which will include Três Pequenos Contos de África, D. Júlia and O Retornado; Charles Chaplin, o 'Self-Made-Myth', including Hitchcock Há 100 Anos; Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, 'Português à Força', which includes Almada Negreiros, o 'Português sem Mestre', Vieira da Silva and Vieira da Silva para depois; and Lisboa Pombalina e o Iluminismo, which will include Lisboa Pombalina and A Estética do Iluminismo.

Also in the field of the History of Art, a revised edition of Mário Dionísio's monumental A Paleta e o Mundo will also be published as part of a partnership between the Official Printing Office and the Mário Dionísio Centre.

The works of Vitorino Nemésio will also be published in 16 volumes, in partnership with the Azores publishing house Companhia das Ilhas, coordinated by Luiz Fagundes Duarte, an Azores native. The Teatro Completo of Natália Correia will also be published, including some previously unpublished works, under the coordination of Armando Nascimento.

In the field of essay writing, two volumes of chronicles from the Eduardo Prado Coelho Library will be released, edited by Margarida Lages. Two studies will be published as part of the Pessoa collection’s essay writing series: one by Luiz Fagundes Duarte, on the subject of work to fix the text of Pessoa’s work, Do Caos Redivivo. Ensaios de Crítica Textual sobre Fernando Pessoa; and the other on the alter ego Ricardo Reis, by Nuno Amado.

In poetry, following on from Poesias Eróticas de Bocage, in 2017, Sonetos, Cantatas e Sátiras e Traduções e Elogios will be published this year, thereby bringing to a close the publication of the author's complete works, coordinated by Bocage researcher Daniel Pires.

An ongoing emphasis is placed on poetry in Portuguese in the renewed Plural collection, started in the 90s by Vasco Graça Moura, with plans for the publication of Retábulo das Matérias, by Miguel Tamen, Aula de Natação, by Alice Sant’Anna, Desdizer, by António Carlos Secchin, and Alexandrina, Como Era, by J. H. Santos Barros.

There will be more critical editions of works by four Portuguese classics - Fernando Pessoa, Camilo Castelo Branco, Almeida Garrett and Eça de Queirós - as well as two Greek classics, namely Comedies, by Aristophanes, and Eudemian Ethics, Generation of Animals and a new edition of Rhetoric by Aristotle.

Once the presentation of the publishing plan was over, there was still time to listen to Symphony no. 41, KV 551, Jupiter, by W. A. Mozart, performed by Lisbon’s Metropolitan Orchestra in the printing-works of the Official Printing Office.

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