Most recent titles of Collection D
Most recent titles of Collection D

The INCM presents the most recent titles of Collection D at the MUDE

November 16, 2012

On the 13th of November, the MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion - was the venue for the launch of the works entitled Pedro Falcão (D3), Paulo Guilherme (D4) and Marco Sousa Santos (D5), the three most recent titles of the D Collection, an anthology dedicated exclusively to Portuguese design.

According to Jorge Silva, the person responsible for its creation and editorial production, "right from the start the aim of the D Collection was to act as a preliminary approach to the rich, yet little-studied history of Portuguese design, underlining its excellence and importance to the present and future of the teaching and practice of design". He went on to say that "this is a collection dedicated to several generations of Portuguese designers, with a particular emphasis on contemporary creators".

After the book launch, a round-table discussion was held on the subject of "design across borders for non-designers", a debate that was moderated by the critic Frederico Duarte, with the participation of the designers Pedro Falcão and Marco Sousa Santos.

Advantage was also taken of this round-table discussion to debate the new strategic approaches that demonstrate the social and economic importance of design as a discipline, which is becoming more noticeable in its language, importance and meaning.

The five books that make up the collection discuss current aspects of communication design, interior design and product design in Portugal, and showcase the work of designers in several disciplines through essentially visual monographs.

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