International Year of Astronomy Medal
International Year of Astronomy Medal

Sculptor Andreia Pereira awarded the Dorita de Castel-Branco Prize

March 22, 2012

Sculpture artist Andreia Pereira was awarded the Sintra – Dorita de Castel-Branco Prize for contemporary medal making for her medal entitled "International Year of Astronomy", a piece of art produced in bronze and acrylic by the INCM

The Dorita de Castel-Branco medal making prize, organised by the Sintra Local Government in partnership with the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts, through its Volte Face Section of Investigation and Research, was awarded for the sixth time in January and included the judging of 79 medals created by 42 artists.

The prize-winning medal at this event was conceived by Andreia Pereira "...taking various objects related to astronomy as a reference, specifically nautical navigation instruments such as the astrolabe, the quadrant and the sextant" and "this piece is based on the idea of a star gauge - a fictitious instrument inspired by those mentioned above, but whose practical function is replaced by playful aspects for interaction with the user".

As well as the prize given to Andreia Pereira, the jury also gave seven honourable mentions to sculpture artists Ana Gonçalves, Helder Batista, Inês B. Gomes, João Duarte, José Simão, José Viriato and Maria Manuela Madureira.

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