Camões bookshop in Rio de Janeiro
Camões bookshop in Rio de Janeiro

The INCM and the Almedina Group to refurbish the Camões bookshop

January 27, 2012

The administration of the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office and the executive management of the Almedina Group yesterday, the 26.01.2012, signed a memorandum of understanding that will make it possible to reopen the Camões bookshop in Rio de Janeiro during the course of this year, with a new operating model.

The closure of the bookshop in its current guise will take place as announced on the 31st of January, bringing the INCM’s direct operations on the Brazilian market to an end.

Under the terms of the agreement that has been entered into, the bookshop space will be renovated and equipped with new facilities. The Almedina group will be responsible for its operation, whereas the INCM will make the space available.

The INCM and the Almedina Group have also undertaken to look at the feasibility of publishing partnerships with a view to the publication, promotion and commercialisation of both catalogues in Brazil, thereby creating conditions for strengthening the presence of Portuguese language and culture in this country.

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