The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM ), whose motto is "The value of Security", is a state owned company in charge of providing fundamental goods and services to the Portuguese State, such as minting metallic coins and publishing the Official Journal (Diário da República).

Security documents such as the Portuguese Citizen Card and the passport are also produced by INCM. The evolution of new technologies makes this activity a strategic development area, making the company able to supply the Public Administration with the most modern and safe identity documents, as well as opening new markets, answering the needs of a broad group of companies and organizations, chief among which is the banking sector.

INCM has been incorporating, in a significant way, secure electronic components and services in its documents and services, and developing new actuation areas in information systems. This enabled a more diverse offer and access to new markets, from a perspective of making processes simpler and virtual.

The authentication of precious metals artefacts, a task the INCM performs in modern laboratories, certified by the Instituto Português da Acreditação (Portuguese Accreditation Institute), and the publishing of essential Portuguese and universal culture works are also part of the INCM tasks.

INCM results of the merging, in 1972, of Imprensa Nacional (The Official Printing Office) and Casa da Moeda (The Mint). The long history of these companies makes INCM the repository of some of the oldest industrial establishments in the country.

The fast integration of new technologies in its ample activities makes INCM a company turned towards the future, willing to overcome the challenges put forth by its mission, in a permanently changing world.

Identification of the company

Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S. A., public company.
Head offices: Avenida de António José de Almeida, Edifício Casa da Moeda, 1000-042, Lisboa
Share capital: 30.000.000¤
Registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon with the company tax number: 500 792 887.