INCM is dedicated to the production of documents and graphic supports associated with the idea of value either by incorporating face value or as proof compliance with legal obligations, like tax payments.

Cheques-oferta - Pormenor
Selo postal - Bloco
Selo postal - Bloco
Certificado de Inspeção Automóvel - Pormenor

Among these products, in most cases produced by specific authorization of the state, we highlight the tax payment validation and authentication stamps, the vehicle inspection certificates, the tobacco and spirits stamps, the bills of exchange, the transportation cards and tickets or the gift vouchers and cheques.

The postage stamp, which the INCM produces for Angola, Cape Verde and the CTT, is an emblematic product for the company since, 150 years ago, it produced the first Portuguese postage stamp using the bust of D. Maria II, which appeared in the coins of those days. These too were engraved and minted by INCM.

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