The INCM has the legal nature of a public limited company with exclusively public capital and is governed by the legal framework enshrined in Decree Law No. 235/2015 of October 14, for its Statutes The rules governing joint stock companies and the special rules whose application arises from the object of the company, as well as the legal regime of the public business sector, approved by the Decree-Law No. 133/2013 October 3, in conjunction with the determinations and strategic policies set by the Government and Parpública – Participações Públicas (SGPS), SA, in the exercise of its shareholder function.

Its mission is also pursued taking into account the general management guidelines, established in the following diplomas, which in the context of the company’s activity assume a determinant character:


Decree-Law 71/2007, of March 27, which approved the Statute of the Public Manager, altered by Law 64-A/2008, of December 31, and by Decree-Law 8/2012, of January 18;
Council of Ministers Resolution no. 16/2012, of February 14, which approved the criteria for determining the salary of public managers;
Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 36/1012, of March 26, which approved the classification of public companies for the purpose of determining the salary of the respective managers;
Dispatch no. 14277/2008, of May 23, from the Minister of State and Finance, which establishes the terms for providing information for monitoring and financial control of non-financial public companies.

The shareholder also defines more specific guidelines aimed at INCM’s concrete activity.


+ INCM Articles of Association PDF

+ Legal Regime INCM PDF

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