Cultural Responsibility


The Imprensa Nacional has more than 250 years of existence, walking alongside the history of Portugal at the service of citizens, authors, the Portuguese language in the world, arts, and culture.

Ensuring a sustainable future must clearly assume a strong commitment to the environment, society, and culture, as a transformative axis and generator of innovation, knowledge, and a more enlightened and involved vision in decision-making.

The mission of the Imprensa Nacional is therefore to publish essential works of national and universal culture, to preserve and expand the bibliographic heritage of the Portuguese language, ensuring it for future generations.

With the continuous promotion of culture in the world, establishing bridges between all Portuguese-speaking artists and authors, and combining tradition and contemporaneity, the Imprensa Nacional has also reinforced its commitment to the digital world and the democratization, inclusion, and equity of access to reading and culture. An example of this is the new collection of audiobooks that allows everyone accesses to the great classics of the Portuguese language.

In protecting the legacy of the past for the future, and within this strong commitment to sustainability, the Imprensa Nacional Library carefully watches over and cares for a collection of more than 20 thousand works by relevant names in the national identity, including incunabula and the first editions of the Imprensa Régia.

The establishment of protocols and partnerships with several institutions – mainly in the sphere of public cultural operators, but also private ones – that share the basic principles of INCM’s publishing mission, has also contributed to a dynamic that allows improving and enlarging the publishing offer it makes available to the citizens.

As an example, part of this extraordinary editorial activity is the exhibition catalogs of several National Museums and Palaces, through a protocol established with the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

Finally, INCM – Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda also promotes literary creation in the Portuguese language by awarding five prizes in the various geographical areas of the Portuguese language and in the most diverse quadrants: from journalism to research, from prose to poetry, including essays.

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