The Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda (INCM) has longevity and history without parallel at a national level, only achievable by companies that have a great capacity to adapt to the constant challenges and changes in the country and in the world, permanently adjusting their strategy and positioning in order to give a quick and effective response to the needs of their customers and partners.

INCM’s strategic framework is based on seven guidelines reaffirming the company’s positioning in the market: focus on the customer, innovation, internationalization, efficiency, employee development, sustainability, and brand recognition.

In all these areas the company has made remarkable progress, with profound changes in its organization and competencies, becoming more innovative and market-focused, which has led to growing recognition by all stakeholders.

In the last three years, it is possible to highlight innovation and internationalization as the main drivers of development, which have largely shaped the organization and the current operation of the company, making it more dynamic, agile, and resilient, as could be seen in the context of the recent pandemic, which dramatically conditioned the social and economic environment, but which simultaneously constituted an accelerating factor in the digital and environmental transition.

Anticipating and projecting the cycle that now begins, we believe that all seven strategic dimensions identified above remain valid, but their evolution will be marked by this need to accelerate the digital and environmental transition.

INCM will assume, as always, its essential role in society and its contribution to the Country’s recovery, assuming itself as the key partner of its customers and partners, in particular of the Public Administration services, either by actively participating in its digital transformation or by offering new digital and physical security solutions.

Based on these strategic guidelines, the sustainability of the company, guided by economic, environmental, and social balance, will continue to be a commitment with objective and plausible goals, namely, to achieve carbon neutrality in 2030, to maintain the annual investment of 1% of turnover in innovation, maintaining the allocation of a similar amount in social responsibility actions and with a very present intervention in the dissemination of the Portuguese language and culture, continuing to be a reference company in matters of gender equality and conciliation between professional, family and personal life, and continuing to be an active agent for the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

We are convinced that this is the path to follow so that INCM continues to be a reliable, useful, and trustworthy company in the eyes of people, companies, and institutions, in Portugal and worldwide.

The Board of Directors of INCM, S. A.

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