The INCM defines itself as a quality company, focusing its business activities on customer satisfaction through the excellence of its products and services.

With the conviction that sustainable development is the only way to achieve competitive advantages, the INCM has adopted the following specific set of good environmental practices :

  • The separation and recycling of any waste that is produced and the transportation of waste and waste water to suitable destinations;
  • Care with the release of emissions into the atmosphere;
  • The use of products that comply with the respective applicable legislation in terms of harm to humans and the environment.

The INCM, with its profound respect for civil and human rights, invests in the achievements of its professionals, in the preservation of their well-being and in the adoption of suitable practices. The aim is to allow them to conciliate their professional, personal and family lives.

The INCM makes every effort to comply with all legal requirements, as well as with others to which the organisation subscribes. It makes continual improvements to the efficiency of its Quality Management System, its Environmental Management System and its Human Resources Management System, as well as promoting quality, occupational health and safety and physical and electronic security in order to guarantee competitiveness and success.

These objectives are achieved thanks to teamwork, motivation and the efforts made by all employees, suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders.

The policy, its objectives and actions to be taken are set out in the INCM's Management Systems Manual and in the company's processes and procedures, as well as in all the complementary documentation forming a part of them.