Book Sou Nada ou Nada Sou?
Book Sou Nada ou Nada Sou?

The book that won the Ruy Cinatti prize is presented at the Dili book fair

May 21, 2012

The work Sou Nada ou Nada Sou? (Am I Nothing or Nothing I Am?) that earned Cidália da Cruz the Ruy Cinatti prize for literature, will be presented during the 5th Dili Book Fair, an event to be held between the 22nd and 26th of May, which will be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva during his official visit to East Timor.

The Ruy Cinatti prize for literature is an INCM initiative for East Timor, aimed at distinguishing an unpublished work by an East Timorese author, written in prose or in verse in Portuguese, in order to promote the Portuguese language and to support literary creation in this country.

Cidália da Cruz, a young East Timorese national from the Portuguese Language Department of the National University of East Timor was the winner of the 1st edition of the prize, thanks to the work Sou Nada ou Nada Sou? (Am I Nothing or Nothing I Am?), which has now been published by the INCM. In this work, the author describes her personal experiences during her youth and the difficulties of working her way through university.

Aside from its monetary value, the prize also includes the publication of the award-winning work by the INCM and was awarded in 2011 by a panel presided over by Professor Dr. Carlos Reis, Rector of the Universidade Aberta (Open University). Also sitting on the panel were Fernanda Borges and Manuel Tilman, members of the East Timorese parliament.

With this prize for literature, the INCM also aims to pay homage to the figure of Ruy Cinatti, poet, anthropologist and farmer who spent part of his life in East Timor. This territory was the subject of his studies and research, specifically his doctoral thesis that he submitted to Oxford in the 60s and that served as an inspiration for some of his literary works.

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