Sculptors João Duarte, José Teixeira and Hugo Maciel
Sculptors João Duarte, José Teixeira and Hugo Maciel

Portuguese sculptors win international medallic art prizes

October 1, 2014

Sculptors João Duarte and José Teixeira, creators of various INCM coins and medals, won the second and third prize, respectively, in the international contemporary medal contest «Ophthalmology & Related Themes», promoted by Medialia... Rack and Hamper Gallery, in New York, USA.

31 artists from 15 countries were competing, at the invitation of the director of the New York gallery, Mashiko Nagashima. The jury of the contest, comprised of members of numismatic associations and medallic art specialists, attributed the first place to Tamas Soltra, of Hungary.

50 works of art resulted from the contest, which can be seen at the exhibition titled «International Contemporary Medalists On Ophthalmology & Related Themes» curated by Mashiko Nagashima, which was inaugurated on 20th September and will be on show at the gallery until 31st July, 2015.

The sculptor, João Duarte, was also awarded the MSSS Medal of Honor Medallist Honoris Causa during the FIDEM XXXIII International Art Medal World Congress 2014, which was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 2 to 6 September.

The award was granted by the Medallic Sculpture Studio of the National Academy of Art Sofia, represented by Professor Bogomil Nikolov, for special merit in the field of medallic art and as proof of recognition for the excellent work of sculptor João Duarte.

Also awarded during the FIDEM 2014 Congress was sculptor Hugo Maciel, also a creator of various works produced by the INCM, who received the under-30 young medallist award.

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