Library of The Official Printing Office
Library of The Official Printing Office

The Library of The Official Printing Office celebrates its 90th anniversary

October 3, 2013

The Library was inaugurated on 3rd October, 1923, and was named after the President of the Republic at that time, António José de Almeida. It was opened to the public on 28th July, 1924, housing one of the most important collections of literature and documents in the country.

During its first years of existence the Library hosted several important conferences and exhibitions, such as the Camoneana da Imprensa Nacional (Works of Camões of the Official Printing Office), that took place in 1924, the Exposição Comemorativa do 4.º Centenário de Vasco da Gama (Exhibition to commemorate the 4th Centenary of Vasco da Gama), in 1925, and the 1ª Exposição Internacional de Ex-Libris (1st International Ex-Libris Exhibition), in 1927.

Throughout these 90 years, the Library of the Official Printing Office has undergone several improvement works and remains open to the public, with a collection comprised of around 20 thousand volumes, which continue to spark the interest of academics and researchers.

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