Diário da República Eletrónico Marca na Hora


Carried out in the suport system for the Modernization and Training of Public Administration/Compete 2020

Total Eligible Cost: 1.864.545¤

Public Financial Support: 1.061.859¤

Project Summary

The improvement of the services provided for the new DRE website, as well as the extension of its functionalities will make citizens' legal documentation available in a much more efficient and effective way. The new features of Research, Translation, Legal Dictionary, Legal Consolidation, Legal Translator, as well as the increase in the amount of available information are improvements that have everything to increase the use of the service by citizens, companies and of all entities of the Public Administration.

The accessibility and usability of the DRE will experience significant improvements that will make the information available to all in a clear and transparent way. Every effort will be made to provide users and customers with more accessible content and services, regardless of the type of software, hardware, network infrastructure, language, geographic location or special needs that there might exist.

With the implementation of the new Legal Regime of Goldsmithing and Contrasts, laser engraving / marking became a mandatory service that contrasts provide when an article with precious metal does not support, by its constitution, the mark to be affixed by the punch of contrast. It is intended to develop a new business concept associated with the certification of the industry and commerce of precious metal artefacts, introducing new marking technologies and artifact safety and control techniques.


July 27, 2017

INCM will make available in its online store, a catalog of designs of previously approved brands of responsibility, according to the legal requirements set forth in RJOC, article 25.º

Since 27/07/2017, certain graphic elements may be published in color-coded in the DRE, once color is an element that carries an improved and increased dimension in the visual communication.

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